Mayar and Driesh, Glen Clova Family Day Out

My Mum and Dad completed their first (and hopefully not last) Munro!

This beautiful hike begins at Glen Doll Car park at the top of Glen Clova, one of six Angus glens. We paid our £2 parking fee and filled in a ticket for the rangers to say when we had left (10:45) and how late back we were going to be (17:00). The woodland walk followed the beautiful fee burn and the path was enclosed by tall scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), giving off a strong smell of Christmas.

We watched red deer (Cervus elaphus) bellowing for a while and spotted 3 golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) soaring very high in the sky. This forest is famously known for harbouring rare and endangered species of plants and animals.

When the forest came to an end a fabulous view point emerged, boasting a large bowl shaped corrie surrounded by Rocky Mountains with numerous gullies. This area is known as Corrie Fee and resembles a big stone armchair. It was carved out by a retreating glacier thousands of years ago, leaving behind many glacial deposits.

Our path lead through the corrie towards a beautiful waterfall streaming from the top of the mountain.

From the top of the corrie the plateau emerges and the path heads left and continues uphill for some time.

What a relief when the summit of Mayar (928m) came into view, we nearly turned back at least 10 times on the ascent!

Onwards and upwards!

The bealach between the summit was very straight forward following old broken fence posts which seemed to have supported cable wires at one point. My parents abandoned me and headed back down to Glendoll forest from the bealach at Corrie Kilbo which connect Glen Doll with Glen Prosen, while I headed quickly up the final Munro. The summit of Driesh (947m) is marked by a trig point and shelter after passing a few smaller cairns which may be mistaken for the summit

I had excellent company from ex-marine Phil on the descent who had completed over 200 munros.

I did not catch up with my parents until the bottom and we made it back to the car park at 16:30 which gave us enough time to gander around the museum.

Munros: Mayar and Driesh, Glen Clova
Distance 14.5km / 9 miles
Time 5 hours
Ascent 835m
Start Grid Ref NO284760


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