Ben Nevis, The Highest British Munro

The Highest Mountain in Britain

I have always been rather sceptical about climbing Ben Nevis (Gaelic for Mountain of Heaven). I enjoy being and one with nature whilst hiking Munros in Scotland and appreciate the peace and quite found in these remote areas. Ben Nevis however attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world estimated at 100,000 per year! But it was not as bad as I thought and we had amazing weather conditions.

It may not look like it but I was pretty raging at this point, having found out Andy had left my sausage roll in the car door and knowing pepperami and a disgusting banana flavoured protein bar was all I had to look forward to.  After passing the lochin the path steepens and is more eroded compared to the initial path.

It started snowing around half way up!! This hill definitely has its own weather system.

As the path begins to plateau, cairns guide you the rest of the way to the summit. The North Face can’t be seen to the east. We had beautiful views to the west and north however Glencoe could not be seen very clearly.

The summit is a collapsed dome of an ancient volcano and reaches a height of 1432 metres (4411 feet). It was freezing! I had gloves with me but sacrificed my fingers to take photos. There was an old observatory building an a HUGE cairn and trig point you can sit on to be the tallest person in Britain.

Tower ridge in the background looking incredibly tempting.

Just as we were about to head down an idiot from set off a firework from the summit and yelled, “the highest firework in Britain, you’re welcome.” Some people seriously just don’t think and sure enough, minutes later the coastguard helicopter showed up above our heads. As cool as it was to see I’m sure they have better things to do that investigate hoax distress signals!

Munro: Ben Nevis
Distance 17km / 10.75 miles

Time7 – 9 hours
Ascent 1352m
Start Grid Ref NN123731


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