Down to London Town

RCUK November 2016 

Coral Reef Conference with Britain’s finest scientists at the Zoological Society London, followed by a beautiful day exploring London. The Tate Museum of international modern and contemporary art is a must!


It is always a good idea to visit your best friend down in London.

September 2016 – This time we went to see Wicked the musical at Victoria Theatre on Saturday and later galavanted along the Thames eating greek food at The Real Greek to celebrate being in Greece that time last year. On Sunday we went to Thorpe Park and went on as much as possible. The weather was gorgeous and the new Derren Brown virtual reality ghost train had to be my favourite.


November 2015 – I spent the first day walking around oxford street and at night we went ice skating at Somerset House in the rain. On the second day, I convinced Becky to become a marine biologist and come with me to Reef Conservation UK (RCUK) at the Zoological Society London.



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