Scottish Summer 2016

‘The whole object of travel is not to set foot on a foreign land – it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.’ G. K. Chesterton

Fun Days in Oban, West Coast of Scotland ♥

25th December Christmas in Fife ◊ Every year I am overwhelmed with happiness, spending Christmas Day with my beautiful family ♥ I am incredibly lucky and blessed.

23rd December Marine Arts and Crafts Scallops!


21st December Rock Climbing and Christmas Dinner ◊ Feeling happy!

19th December Oban Festivities ♦ Getting cosy by the fire with an Irish coffee before hot tubbing at the Oban Bay Hotel. Fine dining at the Manor House. Homemade mulled-wine and Christmas Cocktails. Dark chocolate mocha with marine creature shaped chocolates at Oban’s Chocolate Shop.

4th December Venturing to the other side ◊ Edinburgh is my favourite place at Christmas Time.

24th October  The biggest hotdog 

22nd October  Citizen9 rocking out in Lochgilphead ◊


9th October Quarry night diving on the Isle of Seil ◊

6th October The most perfect night dancing under the stars ◊ You do not have to travel far in these parts to find complete darkness and solitude. I love staring up at our endless universe, feeling tiny and insignificant. Problems seem unimportant and drift away into the night sky.

1st October  Picnic in the sunset at Ganavan Sands ♦ After a long day on the hills.

25th September Wild Swimming next to Dunollie Castle ◊ Followed by a sauna & hot tub session at the Oban Bay Hotel and fine dining à la Mogg.

28th August Lismore Island Adventures  The cheese platter at Liosbeag Cafe was phenomenal

July 17th  Home for a Scottish summer ◊



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