Climbing The Bluff, Cayman Brac

What I love so much about the Cayman Islands is how different each island is. Grand Cayman has a busy vibrant atmosphere dominated by tourists. Little Cayman has beautiful, secluded white sand beaches with a population of 170 inhabitants. While Cayman Brac has rugged terrain with a 141 ft high cliff dominating the east side of the island, known as “The Bluff.”


Sometimes The Right Path Isn’t The Easiest One..

I had the most amazing Saturday climbing The Bluff on Cayman Brac with Rock Iguana Ltd. Luckily my friends were already staying at Carib Sands doing Red & Brown Booby surveys and they kindly let me sleep on their floor for the event. This was a comfortable two bedroom apartment beautifully located on the South-West coast of Brac, near the airport.


Heading east on the south road leads to a dead end which opens up to an iron-shore beach. Part of the challenge of the day was getting to the cliffs from the road by clambering over loose rubble. As a new-bee climber I was pointed in the direction of the easiest routes. They seemed quite difficult from the ground and there wasn’t much instruction during the climbing, they adopted the “go for it” approach! They offer climbing packages and one on one sessions for improving your technique with experienced instructors.

During the afternoon I managed to climb four different routes up The Bluff and by that point my muscles were exhausted. I completed two grade 5.7 & two grade 5.8 using the YDS (Yosemite Decimal System). See what Cayman Compass had to say about the day.


“Cayman Brac is an untapped fountain of climbing glory – beautiful limestone ‘chalk’ full of three dimensional features; truly world class climbing.” The thrill you get from looking down from a cliff after climbing so high and seeing how far you have come is priceless. I am itching to get back to Cayman Brac to improve.

Have the adventure of a lifetime with Rock Iguana Ltd.

· 11th March 2017 ·

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